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German Owned Companies Doing Business in the USA



German Owned Companies

Helping German Owned Companies with their USA Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Transfer Pricing and Payroll Needs. 


How Can Schultz CPA Help German Owned Companies

Schultz & Associates, CPA has worked with German owned companies and other foreign owned USA companies for 20 years. Schultz, CPA has global expertise that is customizable to our client needs.

Being located in Metropolitan Detroit is Key to our German Clientele.  Most of the German owned companies Schultz CPA works with are auto related.  Schultz CPA is equipped to work with German owned US companies that are just beginning to formalize as well as German owned companies who’s annual revenue is in excess of 25 million dollars.

The Schultz & Associates, CPA staff have auto industry experience in an internal and external capacity. Our accountants are familiar with the transfer pricing issues and can assist in the proper reporting.  Inter-company loans, inter-company purchases, and the best approach for reporting currency fluctuation.

With our web portal we can upload confidential information to a secure sight where multiple staff of the organization can access information.  We are available to late evening telecom or Skype conversations.


IRS German -Tax Treaty Links

German Owned Company USA Accounting and Tax

Proper US Payroll Procedures for German Owned Companies

Condominium Tax

All employees hired by the US entity should be paid as US employees.  Generally federal income tax, social security tax, medicare tax and state and local taxes are withheld. If the employee is a U.S. citizen there isn’t any way around it.

  • Resident aliens or non US citizens who are working in the United States are generally treated the same as United States Citizen for US Federal Tax Purposes.
  • Non US citizens here on Visa must be reviewed case by case.  Some student Visa could have a dramatic impact on the tax withholding requirements. Some Visa do not even allow non US citizens to work while in the US.
  • It is also possible that the employees home country is continuing to withhold social security type taxes for them. While they could be subject to US income taxes they would not pay US FICA. The United States have different treaties depending on the country.

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