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Dental Practice Google Reviews


Dental Practice Google Reviews

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When it comes to getting traffic to your site, nothing works better than word of mouth. But todays word of mouth has gone digital. It is a must for your practice to request and receive dental practice Google reviews.

A dental practice Google review now-a-day is even better than the old fashion referral. Where a referral was once passed along from one friend to another, we no longer require the recommendation of a friend.  Positive feedback from 30 to 40 strangers works just as well. These 30 to 40 reviews work exponentially. And they continue to provide benefit years after that dental patient made the post.  Dental practice Google reviews work.

Get that Dental Practice Google Review Jump Start

First start out the old fashion way. Ask your friends.  Request that they acknowledge they are longtime friends. But these people can attest to your professionalism, integrity, work ethic and moral fiber.

Next go through your dental patient list. Don’t ask your administrator to do this step. You need to do this yourself. Identify all the long-term patients that you have a friendly repour with.  Call them up directly.  Let them know that you are trying something new and because they have been wonderful to work with over the years, it would be much appreciated if they gave the practice a Google review.

It is likely you will run into patients who have never done this before. Request their email, and tell them that you will send them an email with a link to your review page, and instructions on making the review.

Between your friends and long term dental patients, you will quickly see your Google reviews increase.

Looking for Gmail Accounts

Tax Accountant CPAThis next step you can turn over to your administrator. Ask them to go through the patient list of all patients you have seen over the last three months. Have them identify all patients who have gmail accounts.  Why gmail accounts you ask.

Giving a Google review to a dental practice is easy. However, some people have issues. Generally speaking, Google requests that you have a gmail account in order to make a review. If a dental patient already has a gmail account the whole process is simplified. Patients who do not have gmail accounts tend to not give reviews because of the extra step.

Once you have the gmail list, prepare a form letter and email it to each of them. Be sure to provide them with step-by-step instructions and a link to the Google review page.

Long Term Google Review Requests

Hand with growing treeRequesting a Google review needs to turn into a cultural thing. Train your staff to request one any time someone tells them they are satisfied.  As the Dentist, request Google reviews yourself. You know best when you did an outstanding job and if the patient is satisfied.

Be sure the admin staff requests email addresses as you move forward. Consider having business card size Google review instructions handy for satisfied patients.

Start a process of sending out emails to patients who have gmail accounts not more than two days after their visit.

Finally, if you have a admin staff that is hesitant to do this then change the bonus structure. Let them know that they will be bonused monthly based on the increase of positive Google reviews.

Do the Google Reviews Work

The final piece of the puzzle it for the admin staff to ask each new patient how they found your dental practice. You will quickly learn that people are not shy in telling you things like “You had all 5 stars on Google reviews”, or “You had more reviews than anyone” and “I liked how you even replied to the reviews”.  Dental Practice Google reviews work.  Just Google the search term “Dental Practice near me”. I guarantee that your competition is asking for them.

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